Video Brochures

Video Brochures

Put Video into your Company Brochure
  • Five standard sizes; fully customizable
  • Hard or soft cover, bi-fold or tri-fold
  • Landscape or Portrait aspect for most sizes
  • Four-colour printing + free video uploading
  • HD- LCD screens
  • 15 minutes – 2 hour of video content
  • Two to Four hour battery life (rechargeable)
  • All new, Grade A electronics and materials used
  • Exclusive functionality that provides unparalleled flexibility
  • Industry-leading quality assurance and warranty
Welcome to the newest innovation in converged print and targeted video: Video Brochures from TV in a Card

in 2009, the founder of TV in a Card, Ltd. had the brilliant idea of placing powered LCD screens into brochures. Now, the TV in a Card brand of “Targeted Video Brochures” has found its way into the hands of the “Who’s Who” of industry leading companies… and their prospects and clients.

TV in a Card is ensures that your message is clearly (and impressively) presented.

TV in a Card Video Brochures are perfect for any industry, where making a lasting first impression or delivering a complete multimedia presentation matters most. Recipients of TV in a Card Video Brochures are “wowed” by the physical brochure, mesmerised by the targeted video, become fully immersed in your message and, thanks to our proprietary technology, are able to share the experience with others, via mobile, email or social media.

Get your message seen and heard