The TV in a Card guide to winning the General Election using Video Brochures

April 7, 2016

Portfolio of Video Brochures

Over the last six years, TV in a Card has become a popular tool for the public sector and politics, with campaigners world-wide airing their views on the issues that matter. Government departments, So here is our guide to winning in your constituency using TV in a Card video brochures.

Firstly, think about who you are targeting – journalists, bloggers, key influencers in different areas of your constituency? Who do you want to reach?

Then create a series of issue-focused political commercials; perhaps you could enlist the help of someone for a series of question and answer sessions on the issues that matter to you. Or an appeal to garner videos from your audience to upload to your video card and send back to you? Then you could update your own videos to take into account the developments along your campaign trail.

Make your videos passionate, compelling and concise. Try and concentrate the complex issues of the day into easily digestible sound-bites. If you like, you could include a power-point slide on your TV in a Card to help you illustrate key points.

Don’t forget to include a call to action. If you don’t require your audience to video their own feedback for you, ask them to spread the message on by mailing your TV in a Card to people within their own social or political group – people will want to share this innovative new media so all you need to do is guide them and spread the word!

TV in a Card video brochures can then be handed out, posted or distributed to key people. TV in a Card point of sale units can also provide great interaction opportunities in waiting rooms and campaign venues.

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