TV in a Card Video Brochures

April 7, 2016

Samsung Video Business card

When I invented the concept of TV in a Card six years ago I saw it as a way, my then company could generate new business from a group of highly targeted prospects. We wanted to be able to showcase a new product and I knew that if we could demonstrate it, we could get people to buy it. Putting the demonstration on video and into direct mail proved very successful.

Now TV in a Card is being used successfully to meet a wide range of different scenarios including VIP/ high value product press launches, premium product brochures, internal communications, company pitches/ reports, engaging video business cards that don’t just get ‘filed’ and Point of Sale material that grabs attention and informs in the way print cannot. In fact, our customers have surprised us by the many and varied ways they have made use of TV in a Card.

What has made TV in a Card so successful for our customers is the fantastic impact that high quality video content, delivered to the right people, has. TV in a Card mailings are not ignored. In fact figures show that people are able to process video 90,000 times faster than print and receiving a TV in a Card video showed a 100% recall rate of the brand.

Whatever your marketing problem we believe TV in a Card can provide a solution that will get you the result you are looking for.
If you’d like to discuss how TV in a Card can help you make the impact you’re looking for please get in touch.

Russell Lawley-Gibbs, Inventor – TV in a Card

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