TV in a Card – How Do You Use Yours?

June 30, 2016

Portfolio of Video Brochures

TV in a Card has been a global success. The ability to place a video screen within a printed brochure, engaging your target and existing customers through the mail with high impact video and audio content works brilliantly for companies looking to develop new business relationships, enhance PR and stand out from the crowd.

But there is so much more you can do with a TV in a Card than just direct marketing and PR. Our clients have launched many successful campaigns. Here is just some of the other ways you can engage with customers and future customers…

VIP Invitations

Want to make your invitations and tickets feel even more exclusive? Virgin Galactic used the TV in a Cards as a video ticket/ invitation for space travel. SkyBET & Bentley Automotive have also used TV in a Card to send out exclusive VIP invitations. Other clients using TV in a Card for events include The Jockey Club and Coca-Cola.

Customer Services

TV in a Cards are not just for marketing. They are great for introducing account teams, or interacting with existing customers in other ways. Many of the major B2B businesses & agencies use TV in a Cards to introduce client account management teams and provide end of year market performance summaries. Clients embracing TV in a Card products for customer interaction include Standard Life, Kingston Communications, Accenture and IBM.

Conferences & Internal Communications

Clients like IBM have used TV in a Cards as a conference hand-out to delegates. American Express also use TV in a Cards for internal presentations and reporting on a global basis. Clients including L’Oreal and American Express are also using our cards in HR divisions as an ‘insider’s guide’ for new employees joining the business. Lloyds finance lease have used our cards to create guide book presenting new lease options for new employees in companies.

Handbooks / Guide-books/ Manuals & Instructions

Want to convey detail or more complex information more simply? TV in a Cards have been used successfully as guide books, handbooks and manuals. Companies like Bentley and Mini have used TV in a Cards as in-car manuals to maintain a more premium and VIP interaction with their customers.

Bids & Tender Responses

A number of clients within the Construction, Engineering, Consulting and Oil & Gas sectors use TV in a Card as part of their tender/ bid responses. This helps their tender stand out, make real impact and demonstrate their innovative approach. It also allows them to articulate more complex messages in video format (which is always more effective). Clients utilising TV in a Card for bids and tenders include Oracle, Worldpay and IBM.

 Film/ TV Franchising & licencing

As you would imagine, when looking for contributors and investors for video, film and TV productions, TV in a Card is an ideal medium. It allows Pilots or animated story boards to be presented in a multi-media experience. TV Series like The Last Ship have used TV in a Card. Broadcasters like BBC World Freemantle Media and ITV have used TV in a Card for international licencing, Franchising and promotional projects.

Want more ideas or suggestions on how you could utilize TV in a Card products for your company? I would be happy to chat and offer further insight.


Russell Lawley-Gibbs

Inventor & Founder of TV in a Card

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