Video Brochures

Welcome to the newest innovation in converged print and targeted video: Video Brochures from TV in a Card

TV in a Card Video Brochures are perfect for any industry, where making a lasting first impression or delivering a complete multimedia presentation matters most. Recipients of TV in a Card Video Brochures are “wowed” by the physical brochure, mesmerized by the targeted video, fully immerse themselves in your message, and, thanks to our proprietary technology, are able to share the experience with others, via mobile, email or social media.

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Express TV Brochures

Personalize Your Custom TV Brochures

For customers who would still like their brochures to be bespoke and pre-printed, but in low numbers and often individual prints.  We offer fully bespoke printed video books with customers able to order 1 – 50 and have them delivered within 5 business days. The brochures are manufactured in country to all you to “Express and Impress” whenever the need strikes.

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Video Business Cards

TV in a Card produces unique video business cards for a range of brands and organisations globally. Our slim video business cards offer a unique way to promote yourself or your business. Here are just some of the examples of our recent work. Interested? Contact us to find out more and to request a sample.

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Point of Sale

TV in a Card has video Point of Sale designed to enhance customers’ in-store experience and get your brand noticed. Using the clever technology developed by our friends at CLX-Europe, and powered by TV in a Card, we bring you the i-Screen; a range of smart video point of sale that can be bought off the shelf or made bespoke to suit your requirements.

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WiFi Enabled

TV in a Card can now feature the latest in Wi-Fi technology. Imagine a product that:

  • Gets in the door on the first attempt
  • Reaches the decision maker immediately
  • Impresses them unlike anything they’ve seen before
  • Insures all videos are enthrallingly viewed
  • PROVES they’ve been viewed
  • Instantly engages and even rewards them

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Get your message seen and heard