Is Email Marketing Your Best Option?

October 25, 2016

Have you noticed that you just don’t get that much direct mail landing on your desk nowadays? It’s a long term trend and one of the greatest initial selling points of the digital revolution and email revolution.

But, the thing is, we are all drowning in email. Mainly spam email promising us that we signed up for this, which is why we are receiving these personalised email messages. Every. Single. Day.

I don’t think so…

People just hit delete and move on. The message is lost, we know it’s free, and with free comes a lack of effort and focus. When targeting your most important future customers, you want to demonstrate how important they are. That’s where TV in a Card comes in. All your competitors are sending dull emails. Send your target clients a high quality printed brochure with an HD screen inside. When they open it, an HD screen plays back video content to them with great quality audio too. It’s all the benefits of direct mail coupled with the benefits of video – and that’s hard to beat.

Your clients will also know that this required an investment – and that translates to the fact that you value their business and custom. Sure, you still have to target the right people and companies, but listening to the feedback we get from our existing customers, they get great ROI and most re-order on a regular basis.

We have worked with many of the most successful global brands across most industries. Here and internationally. We can help guide you make the right marketing investment. Get in touch to learn more. – it’s one email worth sending today.

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