Why Global Brands Choose TV in a Card

January 22, 2017

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Brands use TV in a Card to position their products and promote their videos in the best way possible. TV in a Card is the vehicle to make things happen. And happen proactively.

TV in a Card allows brands to make better choices, deliver the richest experiences, more meaningful narratives, grab one-on-one attention, deliver richer customer experiences optimizes every customer experience, and allows brands to move at the speed of the customer, to be there when the customer is ready for a conversation.

At TV in a Card we understand that customer’s relationship with brands is experienced in micro moments. No matter how unified a brand’s ecosystem or how holistic its experience, people’s connections with brands are fragmented, moving from one to the next, interacting with thousands upon thousands every single day.

Our card brings your brand right into the customer’s office in a visible and connected manner. TV in a Card keeps the brand front of mind without imposing. It waits for the customer to start – and restart – the conversation. These micro moments are critical, because in each, the customer judges a brand as a whole and every micro moment is evaluated against significant macro expectations. TV in a Card keeps the brand ever present, but unobtrusive.

TV in a Card is designed to allow your customer to experience your brand in moments of their choice. That means the our most successful brands—the ones with the most presence in a person’s life—are designed to live in moments, even as they scale, try new things, and push boundaries. TV in a Card helps brands to stand out by blending in, because people measure the entire experience by how much it adds to their lives and how little it disrupts it.

TV in a Card empathizes with an individual’s priorities, figuring out how to meet the customer exactly when the customer wants to meet, where they are, and when they want it, and tailor to how people move through their worlds.

TV in a Card allows brands to create customized experiences around a single individual, where the brand in consideration slots in seamlessly, and where the most valuable micro moments are curated, connected, and choreographed. As people shape their own experiences through TV in a Card and explore their relationship with the brand, TV in a Card allows brands to earn the right to stay in this exclusive relationship every day. For brands to truly move at the speed of the customer, it means maintaining a continuous presence in the customer’s life – without interfering. This means completely rethinking what speed means within an enterprise. It’s not about forward movement, it’s about moving at the speed of the customer.

TV in a Card means understanding that data is not just about insight, but a marketable commodity that will change the definition of trading. It’s running a highly focused, personal and data driven business that becomes the customer’s friend, confident, creates and explores brand relationships while seamlessly crossing existing and emerging platforms. TV in a Card is the most valuable enterprise tool to build truly connected experiences. And it’s engaging with customers.

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