Express Video Brochures

TV in a Card Express Video Brochures

Express custom made video brochures are available with 7 inch HD LCD screen:

  • 4 color printing with special print finish options
  • play/pause, volume up, volume down, skip backwards/rewind, skip forwards/fast forward
  • Perfect for dynamic sales teams, presentations and meeting leave behinds

Personalize Your Custom TV Brochures

When presenting video brochures to industries of all kinds, we aim for constant feedback about improving our products. Improvements aren’t always about adding bells and whistles, either – sometimes it’s simply about expanding the ways your product can be used, by stripping away unnecessary.

We began hearing from sales teams that they needed smaller quantities of TV in a Card Video Brochures, customised for clients and at short notice, and which allowed them to use their video presentation brochures in unique, personalized ways.

And not everybody was able to wait two weeks for their orders – especially if they planned on re-ordering.

So we created “TV in a Card Express Video Brochures.” For customers who would still like their brochures to be bespoke and pre-printed, but in low numbers and often individual prints.

These fully bespoke Express Video Brochures allow customers to order 1 – 50 units and have them delivered within five business days. The brochures are manufactured in-country so that you can “Express and Impress” whenever the need strikes.

Get your message seen and heard