Designing an Engaging Marketing Video

April 7, 2016

It seems a simple project at first glance but gets much more complicated very quickly. Everyone wants to deliver their message as clearly as possible, but to engage the viewer, it must be…. For want of a better word…. “engaging”

So what are your options – there are many. Make it funny? Serious? Use animation or live actors / members of staff? Have the CEO sitting behind a desk explaining that he liked the product so much he bought the company?

There really is no simple answer. First step is to understand the REAL personality of your company. To a certain extent, it is also important to understand the personalities of the companies buying from you but at the end of the day, they are buying into your vision and vision is conveyed clearly in personality.

Check out YouTube – there are a lot of b2c and b2b marketing examples which will make you smile, inspire or make you cringe – but either way, it will help you refine what will work for your business.

To design the actual video, you can engage video production houses or take on the challenge yourself with products like Prezi. We can help introduce you to animators and video designers.

Want to DIY it? Microsoft PowerPoint enables you to create video content with audio – right out of slides. Free editing tools like Movie Maker from Microsoft and iMovie from Apple are also great tools. Want more advanced capabilities? There are lots of great value video editing suites available. We can help guide you based on the tools we have selected for in-house projects.

Once you have created your video content, you might want to double-check its file size. There are great video compression tools available if you want to make the file ’emailable’. I have seen files compressed from 800mb down to 12mb without any real visible quality loss! Amazing really.

Good Luck!


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