Company Christmas Marketing planning – It’s that time again

August 15, 2016

Having been in the marketing business for many years, it seems that every year, around August/ September, Marketing Managers across the world start being asked about the plans for the company’s Christmas marketing campaign. In some instances a humorous (or at least to the CEO) Xmas card. Board of Directors dressed as elves or MD in a Santa costume. Extreme cases, but you get the idea.

The second need is often that corporate gift idea which is going to stick in the recipients mind and result in him or her transacting with your business in the coming year.

Promotional gifts, branded stress balls… the industry has been flooded with low value disposable gifts.

Want something new? Want something exciting? What about something persaldional and unique?

Here at TV in a Card we think have created a few great options for you. Imagine a beautifully designed and printed TV in a Card being delivered to your key customers. They open the printed brochure and a HD LCD screen starts playing video content wishing them a happy and prosperous new year. Want more?

Then how about including some exclusive content personalised to your client. This could be exclusively purchased content for them to view or a personalised message from a celebrity. We know people 🙂

 Or how about something else, unique and interesting and useful, all year round… Video desk calendarThat’s the brief we set our R&D department who we then locked in the basement and only allowed out when they created something really special. Well, now is that time folks – they have come up with the TV in a Card Desk Calendar. A calendar that sits on the desk of your customers, but with an HD screen built in which can feature exclusive content or a personalised video message to them. It can then be used by your clients to add their own video content to playback.

 It’s a product that is not only useful, but something that they are likely to show other visitors to their office.

 Stand out from the crowd this Christmas with TV in a Card and TV in a Card Video Desk Calendars. They really are fantastic viral promotional gifts that just keep on giving…


 If you think this might be a unique way to continue to build the relationship with your existing and future clients, why not get in touch to learn more…

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