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September 5, 2016

Portfolio of Video Brochures

GivenchyEvery month seems to create new innovative challenges and marketing projects here at TV in a Card HQ. We have created some great new video in print brochures for clients including Accenture, Givenchy, Tarmac and Vetstream to name but a few. We keep our twitter feed regularly updated. See here for more examples of our recent work:



Our international expansion continues with our CEO located in Dubai and supervising the opening of new offices in Business Bay, near the Burj Khalifa. It’s a great location for high-profile media and digital-tech businesses. We also have a new office opening soon in Mumbai to support our already established client base including Tata, Unisys and Oracle.


3d in printAnd our 3D Virtual Reality in print launch. You may have noticed that we have created a new Virtual Reality Video in Print product which allows our clients to send out complete immersive video & audio experiences to clients (and target clients). The VR 3D glasses have screens, battery and speakers built-in – It is small enough to be posted to clients and customers allowing virtual tours, virtual test-drives, and virtual experiences for every industry. As you can imagine, we have been inundated with requests to run initial campaigns for our clients who embrace the more innovative and experimental marketing initiatives. See this link for more details:




But there is more. As inventor of Video in Print Direct Marketing and Direct Mail, we continue to push R&D and innovation in our existing product range. Our TV in a Cards now have the option of up to ten interactive buttons and storage capacity of up to 8gb plus other features including stereo speakers. Our ultra-thin video business card keeps getting thinner and our new video screens offer richer, crisper HD quality playback.

With Christmas just round the corner, the festive marketing planning and campaigns are beginning to ramp up but our typical production turn-around time for all our bespoke card projects is still just fourteen days.

Want to know how we could help your business? We are always happy to chat about our past success and experience within your industry sector. Let me know if you would be interested in arranging a chat.


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