About TV in a Card

TV in a Card designs, manufactures, licences and distributes high impact video cards, video brochures and video in print – worldwide. We also create interactive print, using metallic ink to create electronic circuit boards printed onto paper.

From our factories in Korea, Dubai and London we put flat screen TV directly into cards, brochures and magazines. Video in Print grabs attention and helps brands better communicate with their customers.

That’s why TV in a Card is the name behind the world’s most recognized brands. We created the first ever piece of video direct mail, a TV in a Card, for Xerox, which launched the new corporate headquarters in Dubai.

We created the first ever wireless video point of sale, powered by a long life battery, for Coty, which played continuously in stores across Europe. We created the world’s slimmest video business card, for Samsung, at just 3mm thick.

We have created software that allows our clients to remotely access and upload new video content to their devices, as well as monitor consumer behaviour patterns to gain valuable insight into their prospective customers. This year we are bringing ever more new innovations to the market.

So watch this space…

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