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Increase Awareness

Educate & Promote


Wow People

Uses for TV in a Card


Distance Learning


Welcoming new employees


VIP Invitations


New Product Launches


Internal Communications


High Impact Corporate Videos

russell inventor of tvinacard
"My name is Russell Lawley-Gibbs and I invented the TV in a Card in 2009.

TV in a Card is about making communication easy with people who are hard to reach. In a digital age where communication is simultaneously easier than ever but seemingly impossible, my goal is to get your message seen and heard."

R L GIBBS, Inventor & CEO

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Make your message unforgettable to your audience


Wow Factor

Make your customer feel special with a VIP gift



Get your message undivided attention



Help you stand out from the crowd for more recognition.



Give your audience an immersive experience



Put your message in the spotlight

People are bombarded with advertising. Most companies are doing the same thing running interrupted video ads in front of the content they want. 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness (source) and 40% of people can’t tell you why they clicked on an ad. This is a waste of your time, money, and efforts. Isn’t it time you change your strategy?

“TV in a Card were really helpful and the end product was fantastic – we got some amazing feedback from our staff and clients.”

- Experian

“A superb product, which has landed a recent campaign to clients in a professional, innovative, yet fun way. The service we received from start to finish has been great and I would highly recommend TV in a Card.”

- Princess Cruises

“TV in a card is a great innovative product and we were very happy with the final result”

- Calvin Klein


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