TV in a Card – Marketing reimagined.

TV in a Card has created a paradigm shift in marketing communications. We blend the accuracy of direct mail tools with the impact of high definition video. That’s why our ROI is one of the highest in the industry. That’s also why 90% of our global clients become loyal and frequent customers.

With TV in a Card you can get your most important message to your customers and engage with their innermost needs immediately. We make your business look its very best with a moving video that you place directly into your target customers’ hands.

TV in a Card manufactures and supplies High Definition (HD) WiFi enabled video brochures, video cards, video folders, video books and video direct mail worldwide. All our products are hand made with the very best of materials – unique to TV in a Card and guaranteed for life. That is why we are the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of video brochures.

Leaders and innovators make the best decisions instinctively and quickly – That’s why our client list already includes more than a third of the FTSE Top 100 companies in the UK, as well as the leading international brands worldwide, representing the world’s most successful companies in almost every market.

Whether it’s in the form of video business cards, video books, WiFi enabled video brochures, video folders, video point of sale or video in magazines and other printed material, TV in a Card helps the world’s most recognized brands use video in print to communicate more effectively with their audience. That’s the power of TV in a Card.

Why We Are The World’s No.1

  • TV in a Card are the inventors of video in direct mail products
  • A third of all FTSE 100 Companies are our clients
  • World’s No.1 Supplier of video in print products
  • Cards are available with HD screen technology
  • Components are ethically sourced internationally and assembled in Korea and the UK.
  • It’s the only product to boast a zero failure rate
  • Quality Assurance, guaranteed for LIFE
  • All of our components are reusable and can be delivered back to the UK, for recycling Conforms and complies with CE regulations and RoHS standards

TV in a Card Innovations

  • Inventors of world’s first portable video point of sale
  • Inventors of world’s first video business cards
  • World’s first double screen card
  • World’s first super thin 3mm video card
  • World’s first video brochure
  • World’s first video folder
  • First cards to incorporate WiFi technology
  • World’s first HD screens
  • Unique screen technology

TV in a Card Express

For when you need to stand out at short notice, TV in a Card Express Video Brochures delivers a five-day turnaround. Produced and manufactured in the UK, we provide bespoke designed and printed case-bound hard cover video books with 7-inch LCD screens. For more information about TV in a Card Express Video Brochures please call our sales team on 0333 939 8003